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Awesome experience! Dr. Yoo was super professional and given my situation that I can be proactive or wait, put the decision about what to do in my hands.

Valerie W. - Verified Patient

Dental emergencies are always a hassle, but Dr. Yoo quickly found a technician across town who could help me out on the spot. Even called ahead to arrange it. Within three hours my dental work was repaired when normally the turnaround time is at least three days.

Olga J. - Verified Patient

I had an implant placed while sleeping under Moderate Intravenous Sedation. I dont remember a thing and when I woke up it was all finished. It didnt hurt that much after either. I dont think I could have done this without being put under. It was definitely worth the money.


I went to see Dr. Yoo about problems with teeth sensitivity. I saw two other dentists about the same matter and they never gave me a clear answer to why I was getting the sensitivity but only solutions and one even suggested a root canal. However, Dr. Yoo listened and asked a lot of questions to come up with the root cause of my sensitivity problem. It was a simple problem with teeth grinding. I didn't think that occasional teeth grinding might have caused the problem. I have been wearing my night guard for a few days and already feel a difference. Dr. Yoo is a caring and knowledgeable dentist. I would highly recommend him.


Dr Yoo put in my crowns today and I can't stop smiling. He completely transformed my smile. All my friends complimented me all day. Wow! I love it!

Jason S. - Verified Patient

Dr.Jeremy Yoo is truly one of the best dentist in NYC. He provides care of outstanding quality with efficiency that is remarkable and approaches the patient as an entirety that is missing in most practices. He does this in a cost effect manner. My treatmen plan for implants was just incredible. I love the way he treats me and explains me. I understood everything he said. I just want to thank Dr. Yoo very much.


Great dentist. Injection didn't hurt. He explained everything before doing anything and he was right the implant surgery didn't hurt at all even the next day!

Dr Yoo is amazing, I had done a root canal with another specialist and he was refusing to finish the work because according to him my insurance was paying to little for the work so I went to Dr Yoo since he was recommended by a friend and he took over and finish my root canal and today he is placing my crown.

Dr Yoo is the only one I trust my mouth. He is patient and explains everything. I had some filling and extraction done and I didn't feel a thing because he put under and I was knocked out asleep during the procedure. I have the worst fear in the dental chair so I was able to get it all done in one visit and I don't have to go back for 6 more month. Awesome!!

Couldn't wear my dentures and eating was always a problem. I didn't have enough money to afford an expensive dental procedure. I heard about Dr Yoo from a friend. He told me that Dr Yoo did a good job on his implant and the price was affordable. So I went in for a consult. Because I couldn't pay a lot for dental treatment Dr Yoo suggested an overdenture with 2 implants holding it. Because I heard good things about this doctor and the treatment was affordable I decided to go ahead with it. Its been 7 month and I can finally eat and talk without worrying about my denture falling out. I highly recommend Dr Yoo because he looks out for his patients.

I love Dr. Yoo. I really feel like he cares about me as a patient. I had an infected tooth. Before I saw Dr. Yoo I saw a different dentist. That dentist recommended that I get an implant which was very expensive. I sought out Dr. Yoo as an alternative as he had more reasonably priced implants. He provided me with two options instead, a root canal or an implant. However, he advised me to do a root canal even though it was less expensive than the implant. Additionally, he informed me that the infection wasn't that big and the tooth can be saved with a root canal instead of surgery. I really respect that he isn't trying to just sell more dental services, but do the right thing for my tooth. When I couldn't come up with the total all at one shot, he worked with me to break up the payments so that I can afford it. The practice is dependable and well organized.